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  • Paskelbta: 2020-07-02 15:58
    Howdy Hunters,Here are the notes for today's patch, please note we still have more fixes to come out for Turkeys, Bighorn sheep etc, but this will be done in line with the console release. These are fixes we felt were hampering game play.Bugs fixes: Fixed first person animations being extremely laggy in some cases Fixed Silver Ridge Peaks story missions where progress was not saved (A Rockies Start, A Dangerous Reaction, Up High - Down Low, An Ill-advised Retreat, Setting Up, Whodunnit? and Lock It Down) Fixed Silver Ridge Peaks story missions where it was possible to get stuck (Old ...
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  • Paskelbta: 2020-06-23 13:10
    Howdy Hunters!The new Silver Ridge Peaks Reserve is out now!It is based in the Colorado region of the Rocky Mountains, features "above the clouds" hunting and you will be able to get great tips and hints from Professional Hunting Guide, Remi Warren! This impressive species list: Merriams Turkey Rocky Mountain Elk Bighorn Sheep Mountain Goat Pronghorn Mountain Lion Plains Bison Mule Deer Black BearIncluded in this pack is the new Alexander Longbow!Happy hunting, make sure you have a read of the patch notes below!CheersTKPatch NotesNew Features: Added support for new paid DLC: The Southern RockiesBugs fixes: Fixed various issues related ...
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  • Paskelbta: 2020-05-26 12:09
    Howdy Hunters!You can now head out into the digital wilderness and harvest these Beautiful TruRACS Red Deer!Along side these amazing animals, comes a huge list of fixes and game improvements!Happy Hunting!Patch Notes:New Features: TruRACS: Red DeerBugs fixes: Fixed legacy save files sometimes overwriting current save files Fixed animation issue that caused Water Buffalo and Spanish Ibex scoring to be wrong Fixed score calculation issue with Roosevelt Elk, Blacktail Deer, Reindeer, Caribou and Fallow Deer Fixed incorrect Palm Length value on some Moose racks Fixed incorrect Circumference value on some Reindeer & Caribou racks Fixed Multi Trophy Mount disappearing from Trophy ...
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  • Paskelbta: 2020-05-08 20:31
    Howdy Hunters,I think about the only thing better than announcing this beta, will be when I get to announce these are released for real!!! That is right, this weekend we are running an open beta and we want you guys to go shoot all the Red Deer you can find! Oh and then wait… it gets much better. We are pretty sure the TruRACS scoring has been fixed on ALL animals! So we would like you to have a close look at the harvest screens and scoring for us as well. Then also, while you are here.. Have a look ...
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  • Paskelbta: 2020-05-04 19:24
    Howdy Hunters,Here are the patch notes for today's Hotfix.Bugs fixes: Fixed crash when entering the trophy lodge with reindeer or caribou trophy Fixed trophies and trophy lodges not saving at all Fixed invisible male mule deer Fixed female reindeer and caribou spawning without any antlers Fixed several rare fur variations that were far too commonThank you so much for your support, have a great week!
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